Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Two Memes In One

I just got tagged for my first meme!

This one seems like a great one to start with. Not at all like those awful MySpace forwards where you have to read 100 things about the sender under categories like Sleep Habits and Favorite Fruits.

This meme is also numerically sequential! Or is it numerically exponential? Anyway, math was one of my favorite subjects in school (statistics in college was awesome!), and I love some fun with numbers. You see, the first question asks for one thing, the second for two, and so on. Isn't that cool? It's got me all giddy!

Name one thing you do everyday

1) I weigh myself every morning. I have to do it before I drink any water (no extra weight needed, thank you very much) and after Gilberto's already used the bathroom so he won't walk in on me and see the number.

Name two things you wish you could learn

1) Portuguese. That is a HARD language to learn. Though it could just be because I'm getting old and my brain doesn't work like it used to (I used to be fluent in Italian and conversational in Spanish, but Portuguese is kicking my butt).

2) How to knit. I still haven't gotten myself down to the yarn store. But I'm hoping to get my mother-in-law to teach me when we're in Brazil. Maybe we'll bond over our knitting needles.

Name three things that remind you of your childhood

1) The smell of chlorine and fresh cut grass. There's nothing like an Oregon summer after months of rain. Those smells bring back pure joy.

2) Osh Kosh overalls

3) Tang

Name four things you love to eat but rarely do

1) Pizza square snacks (mmm, delicious)

2) Moussaka

3) Vegetable Tempura

4) Chocolate mousse cheesecake

Name 5 people/things that make you feel good

1) Ellen DeGeneres. I love her sense of humor.

2) 1200 thread count sheets

3) Laughing with my daughter. Her smile rocks my world.

4) Christmas stockings and Easter baskets

5) Going to bed with a clean house

Well, there you go. I went into this thinking my crazy and exciting life would be revealed for the world to see, but I guess I'm not quite as crazy and exciting as I thought I was! When you start mentioning pizza, knitting and sheets in your memes, it's time to admit defeat.

Now I need to tag a few more people to carry on all the getting to know you goodness. How I Ended Up Here and A Dusty Frame are the two lucky winners.


On another note, Rachel at Adventures of a Gringa in Rio recently listed me as a "Blogger of the Day!" Thank you, Rachel! It's not really a meme, but I need to recommend 7 blogs that I read on a daily basis. So let's get to it.

1) He feeds my Hollywood gossip obsession.

2) Dooce One of my most favorite blogs ever.

3) Absolutely Bananas Absolutely hilarious.

4) Boo Mama She dishes out some serious southern charm. And sass. And makes me want to say ya'll all the time.

5) Confessions of a Pioneer Woman A storytelling, photographing, cooking genius.

6) One Plus One A humorous look at life as an elementary school teacher.

7) Eric and Emily's Adventures Iowa transplants living in Brazil. I love love love this blog.

I think these people are supposed to carry on the Blogger of the Day award (there's a graphic over on Rachel's blog post, but it was messing up my layout so I had to nix it). It looks like it's a Brazilian thing (what with the graphic being in Portuguese and all), but if anyone I listed who reads my blog wants to pass it on, that'd be cool!


  1. Christmas stockings and Easter baskets and 1200 count sheets...I couldn't agree more!
    And congrats on being Blogger of the Day!

  2. Thanks for the link!
    I also love going to bed with a clean house. Not enough to actually CLEAN it though, turns out. ;)

  3. Emily discovered my blog through yours, I think, and so then I discovered hers. Ohmygod. SO good.

  4. I feel so special that you tagged me...

    I have to shower and sleep (sorry, but I would say those are more important than blogging) but I promise I will respond to your tag tomorrow!

  5. Yay! Thanks for recommending my blog!

  6. LOL! Ok, I read through this way too fast at first. At first glance, your #1 for childhood reminiscence...I thought it said "the smell of urine."

    The perils of blogging while watching television.


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