Monday, April 14, 2008

A Slip Of The Tongue

I had a completely different post ready to go for Absolutely Bananas´Make Me Laugh Monday, but before I could post it I was called to lunch.

And then this happened...

Me: Wow! Gilberto, your mom cooked a feast! How do you say feast in Portuguese?

Gilberto: It´s banquete.

Me, in Portuguese to his mom: You made a feast!

But instead of saying banquete, I said boquete. Which means BJ. As in blow job.

And the only reason I know that word, of course, is because bad words are the first ones you learn when aquiring a new language. Right?

The table got awfully quiet and then his mom chuckled into her plate of food. When I realized my mistake, I was so embarrassed I couldn´t stop laughing, which I think only made things worse.

Gilberto is just dying that I´m posting this. He´s worried that the ladies from my church who know about my blog will get a bad impression of me.

So if any church going ladies are reading this right now, it really truly was an accident!

At least I didn´t mix up the words for kitchen and, well, something that sounds almost exactly the same but means something COMPLETELY different.


  1. That is awesome and totally worthy of great moments in marriage!

  2. Hey, it could happen to anybody...or at least anybody who knew how to say blow job in Portuguese.

  3. Oh girl! You make me laugh! Stop by & see how I tackled my sanity! I'm still trying to get all the sand out of my shorts! :D

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