Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Lazy Days

We had a wonderful, relaxing Memorial Day weekend.

Lots of book reading before bed, lounging on the couch, knitting and playing games with Gabi. I think it restored us.

Friday Night
We kept hearing a strange, rapid clacking from the kitchen. Every time we heard the noise we would run as fast as we could into the kitchen, but we were never fast enough. At first I was sure it was an animal trapped under the oven, or in the dryer exhaust pipe, and the clacking was its nails scratching to get out. When we couldn't find a trapped animal, we thought it might be the toaster, but it wasn't plugged in.

It was incredibly unnerving to go to bed without identifying the noise.

A little bit of Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia helped.

I was able to bake my Pineapple Upside Down Cake. The batter was much better than the actual cooked cake, though. Now all I can think about is chocolate chip cookie dough and raw brownie mix.

We hooked up the Wii! After creating our Miis, which Gabi had a blast doing, the big question of the day was to travel or not to travel? Anyone have any experience with this? For now, we are not traveling. AND, I had no idea I was so athletic!

The rapid clacking continued all day. In the afternoon Gilberto happened to be in the kitchen when it went off. It was coming from an electrical socket. So scary! We unplugged everything and Gilberto promised to look into it after his lazy weekend was over. Because you can't break up a lazy weekend with any kind of real work.

I made a really awful meatloaf. I thought I'd be all fancy and bought a container of mirepoix, a mix of already cut carrots, celery and onions, to throw in. I think the celery was okay, but carrots do NOT go well with meatloaf. Gilberto, the good man that he is, slathered it in mayo (another weird Brasilian thing) and cleaned his plate.

I shattered a glass in a toilet full of pee.

I cleaned my house from top to bottom. Did all the laundry. Reorganized Gabi's room and switched her winter bedding out for summer bedding. I then mercilessly made her keep her room clean for the whole day.

Gabi decided to take a swim in her algae water pool. It was so disgusting. She got a long bath and quite the hair scrubbing after that. Gilberto has agreed to empty the pool, but not until after his lazy weekend is over. Notice a theme here?

I watched a movie in the morning while Gilberto and Gabi slept in. Just Like Heaven was actually a pretty cute movie. Now I can send it back to Netflix after having it for six months.

We went for lunch at an Italian buffet, then headed to the beach and walked the pier. It was windy so we didn't last long, but we needed to be able to say that we'd left the house at least once during the weekend.

I tried to explain the meaning and importance of Memorial Day to Gabi, but death and the mind of a three year old leads to confused tears, and the conversation somehow turned to how much she misses my sister's dog, who died several months ago, and sobbing about how it's not fair that Jesus gets to play with her now. So much for that.

Back to work!

My arm is so sore from playing Wii that I can barely move it. It's worse than after a real weight lifting session! Hopefully this subsides with play time, because I don't think I'll be able to keep away. It's not like it's affecting my typing or anything (I just can't pick up my kid).

I also accidentally wore my squeaky shoes, so it sounds like I'm farting with each step I take. Every time it happens I try to immediately replicate it so that whoever heard knows that it wasn't a fart, just a squeaky shoe. These are my only black work shoes, so I guess I need to go shoe shopping sometime this week.

Also on the agenda this week- pull out the Wii Fit and get my stats loaded when no one else is home! Gilberto did a preliminary walk-through, and it looks SO cool.


  1. I had a pair of squeaky shoes several years ago. The noise reminded me of my brother making the farting sounds using his hand under his arm pit! I tossed the shoes.

  2. i also have those shoes. they are so beloved and comfy i just wear them anyway with a 'go ahead and fuck with me' look on my face all day which prolly only makes the comments go from 'hey did you hear that girl farting all day' to 'that mean girl farted all day' but they are also really cute so i bet i get mad cudos when i am sitting. way to tell all the parenting secrets. just as i and my planned [parenthood consultant always suspected.


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