Friday, June 6, 2008

The Bed Search Comes To An End

I just found this draft in my post list.

I think I didn't post it at the time because it really called attention to the insanity that is in my head. But what the heck, might as well put it out there!


I finally found the perfect bed for Gabi!

It wrapped up a year long search.

(Yes, I'm that anal picky.)

So after looking for over a year, I found TWO perfect beds on the very same day, one white and one stained a dark brown. This is the Universe's way of toying with the perfectionist in me.

It was a seriously hard decision to pick between those two beds. And I probably spent more time over the following two weeks figuring out which one to bring home than I did breathing. It consumed my every waking moment (and after the fifth phone call asking for her opinion, my mom banned me from talking about it with her anymore).

The decision hinged on what wall color would be best.

I really wanted to paint Gabi's walls a mocha brown, but the brown bed, that I preferred, wouldn't look good up against it. So I had to pick which brown was more important. Brown wall with white bed, or brown bed with pale yellow walls.

Two weeks and a few pro/con lists later I finally made my decision, and off Gilberto and I went with the truck to pick up the brown bed. I have to admit I had doubts even after we had it in the truck. But knowing Gilberto would blow a gasket if I voiced my concerns, since he hates my indecisiveness and will only accompany me to buy things if I know for sure EXACTLY what I want, I kept quiet.

And I'm glad I did. Because the bed is beautiful! We got home and spent two hours putting it together. Gabi was thrilled to have a big girl bed (she'd been sleeping on a mattress on the floor). Gilberto was thrilled that the whole thing was over and done with. And I was thrilled with how it looked.

The next day, Gabi jumped off the bed and one of the railings cracked right in half.

The store we bought it at didn't have any more, so I had to get a replacement piece from the manufacturer. The box arrived a few days ago.

Just a side not here. When my mom opened the front door it fell in the house and hit her on the head. She squeaked like a mouse! She wasn't hurt, so it's okay to laugh about, right?

The box is still leaning up against the front door because, like any other project in our house, each step takes about two weeks to get done. In this situation , the first step is to get the box up the stairs, the second step is to remove the old bed rail, and the third step is to get the new one on. I'm thinking about six weeks from now we should have a complete, usable bed.

But it'll be worth the wait, because it's perfect!

It's just that for now we can't use the front door. There's a big heavy box leaning in front of it.


So here's the update.

The railing was actually replaced after just one week! Something lit a fire under my husband's toosh and he had that railing upstairs and switched out in just one night. Though it did make him very cranky.

I'd take a picture to show you all the bed, but I haven't painted the walls yet. If that doesn't make sense, then welcome to my obsessive compulsive world, where everything has to be just so. And just so, in this situation, is a beautiful brown bed in front of light yellow walls. There just can't be any photo documentation until that is the case.


  1. I'm sooo happy you went with the brown/yellow scheme. Someday my home will have a brown bed (dark brown) with pale yellow bedding and yellow walls. I've wanted that for a long time! Yay for Gabi (but moreso for you)!

  2. Hah hah hah! Yes, I think it was okay to laugh a little about the bed rail falling on your mother - since it didn't hurt and all. :-) That's what she gets for banning you from talking to her about it! I'm glad you found me too b/c now I've found you back and from your bed post, your personality sounds eerily similar to mine!

  3. we have been "looking" for a bed for about six months now for the boys with no end in sight. glad to see im not the only obsessive one out there!

  4. Great post. I feel your pain, I feel like on continually searching out new beds for Henry. Cribs, todller beds, twins, will it end at queen?

    It's take us two weeks to get boxes out, that is if Henry hasn't claimed them as his.

    Thanks for the blog visit~


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