Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Kissing Disease

Gilberto has mono AND bronchitis. He's quite the wonder boy.

Me: So exactly HOW did you get mono, mister?

Gilberto: Oh, yeah, I heard from my cousin that it's called the kissing disease! So I guess I got it from you.

Me: But I don't have mono.

Gilberto: No, but you had it, and now you have Chronic Fatigue. And the doctor said once you have it, you always have it. So, yes, I think I got it from you.

Me: Oh. Actually, I do think I had a flair up not too long ago. I'm sorry!

Gilberto: So... how did YOU get it? How did YOU get mono, my sweet, innocent wife?

Me: Oh, you know, the usual way. I went on a camping trip and...

Gilberto: Okay, LaLaLaLa, I don't want to hear anymore!

I'm glad he spared me having to tell the story. It's a camping trip that should go down in the teenage Hall of Shame. Something to do with a dare that obviously turned out badly for me.
But that was LONG ago. Moving on!

His liver and spleen are enlarged, and he's been coughing so much I wouldn't be surprised if they flew out of his mouth. He's such a mess, poor thing.

But it hasn't stopped him from getting on the computer for hours on end and playing his super hero game. It's comforting to know that mono and bronchitis can't keep him away from saving the world and keeping the populace safe.

And since I gave him mono, it's only fair that he gave me bronchitis. Along with my ankle, we are QUITE the moaning, groaning pair. We've been making Gabi do a lot of fetching for us as we lay slumped on the furniture.

It's a wonder she hasn't run away from us yet. Oh, wait, was that what she was trying to do when I caught her climbing the fence yesterday?


  1. I'm not coming to visit for a long time...

  2. I alwasy heard people talking about mono, but I don't really know what it is... like chicken pocks or something like that?

    Anyways... I hope Gilberto gets better! :)

    take care,

  3. I think I picked the wrong time to visit!
    Hope everyone is better soon!
    Just stopped by to "meet" you and say thanks for visiting my blog. I always enjoy reading comments from fellow bloggers/readers.
    Have a great week!

  4. Oh no! June is supposed to be the sickness free month!

    Hope you both feel better soon!

  5. Wow, mono AND bronchitis! How awful. Hope you're both better soon!

  6. Oohhhhhhh!!! Spill the beans on the camping trip!!!

  7. That was one of the BEST camping trips ever!!!!! I still chuckle every time I think of the shenanigans and that boy from La Pine is probably still wondering what hit him. You were always the brave one Laural.


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