Monday, June 23, 2008

Let The Cravings Begin

Since my last Atkins update in May, I've lost another two pounds.


Well, weight loss is weight loss, but at this rate I'm never going to lose enough to feel comfortable trying for baby number two. We need to get the show on the road!

So today I started induction again. I need to speed things up a bit, get the body raring. Or is that roaring? Revving? Rearing? Anyway, I'm hoping that by jump starting my metabolism again, I can get down to a respectable baby making weight by the end of the summer.

No more low carb bread. No more homemade spinach dip. No more processed foods that I can carb count. Like Oreos. Bye bye Oreos.

Not even nuts and raisins for an afternoon snack. That has been my favorite thing of late.

I'm also in this weird inbetween sizes stage, and I'm tired of clothes that sag in the butt or are too tight across the belly. Just a few more pounds and I'll be able to leave the baggy behind!

Atkins induction, here I come. Be good to me.

Darn, I should've had a pancake for dinner last night. Too late now.


  1. Good luck Chica! I don't think I could do it. I love me some Oreos wayyyy to much!

  2. Yikes, that sounds a bit restrictive, I don't think I could do it either!! Good for you and good luck . . . but it IS summer so be sure to have a few slip-ups along the way. Like S'mores with oats :-)

  3. I don't know much about Atkins, but I wish you lots of luck! It sounds really hard, but almost like once you get through the really rough phase, it's easier. You'll do great - making a baby is a great incentive for weight loss!

    And I think the practice along the way might count as a little exercise, right???

  4. You can do it - I remember doing Atkins and the first couple of weeks were the worst and then it got easier and I remember how GOOD I felt!

    Maybe I need to go back and try again?!?! Anyway, good luck!

  5. A s'mores post followed an Atkin's post. Irony at it's best. Good luck with the diet. It does get easier with time.

  6. I am at the need to do something with our families diet in general stage. Plus my reunion is coming up...uggg. Keep up the good work!

  7. Hi Laural!

    Have you ever heard about weight watchers???

    First time I tried the weight watcher in 2003, I lost 9kg, what I think it is 20 pounds. Now I am back in the weight watchers and in one and half month, I've lost 4kg, around 9 pounds.

    The best thing about the weight watchers is that you can eat whatever you want... chocolate, candy, etc! And you still lose weight!

    Check out their website:


  8. I totally could not do atkins, this would just be WAY too hard on me. I'm a little bit of a calorie counter, OK well, not counting but assumming.

    good luck, keep blog world updated

  9. Girrrl I have done Atkins like 3 times. I never left the induction phase because I wanted fast results. My body stores fat like a bear. It sucks the big one. I did lose weight. Always a snail pace. Everyone else in my family who tried lost boat loads of weight and I had lost like 3 pounds. It is my curse in life. It's hard at first but gets easier!! You can do it!

    I was even vegan for 8 days a couple weeks ago and I failed that one too. Haha I'm a dork.


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