Thursday, August 14, 2008

Adrenaline Rush By Finger

Want to give yourself a stress induced heart attack?

Try this:

82 words

I started out in the 70s, and kept pushing until I reached the glorious number you see above. But my heart is still beating like it wants to jump out of my chest. And I'm sweating! I've had to resort to the in-the-nose-out-the-mouth breathing technique to try and calm myself down.

Since my heart rate was up, does that count as exercise?

Anyone want to try for 100 with me?


  1. First try I got 74... I'll probably keep trying, but to be fair I'm still getting used to a new keyboard and get bowled over by typos...

  2. hee hee....can't do it. Must look at the keyboard and peck away. I think I type 10 WPM and only if they're short words.

    But I can read fast, does that make up for typing inadaquecy? And being completely unable to spell inadequacy....nee a SpellCheck intervention please.

  3. I can never back down from any typing challenge. (Like there is really that many??)

    However, I got 85 words on my first attempt. I feel satisfied and will probably not be kept up at night thinking on how to get a better score.

  4. is 100 possible just using my pointer fingers?

  5. I'm trying to remember - I think my top score was 104 or 106 when we did this on my blog several months ago - I just did it once and got 98.

    I'm wicked fast. :)

  6. I got 75 on my first try and did worse and worse on my subsequent attempts. Damnit. This is how I'm spending my daughter's naptime??? Thanks a lot, Laural!

  7. I took languages instead of keyboarding. Really regretting it now. Typo, typo, typo. That's me.

  8. lol! I was wondering if it was going to stop. It said 60 for me! I'm satisfied, only because I thought I typed way slower than that. But then again, I want to be faster...maybe I'll try again!

  9. I scored 47 words a minute. I guess I need to do some more commenting so I can get some more practice.


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