Sunday, June 26, 2011

Best Use Of Permanent Mounting Tape EVER

I get such a kick out of this commercial, because it could totally happen.   

Both of my kids like to run off with my phone and leave it in the wildest places.  Like: 

  • on the floor behind the toilet
  • in my daughter's underwear drawer
  • inside a Ziploc baggie box
  • tucked among the bags of pasta in the pantry
  • behind the couch cushion
  • in a DVD holder
  • on a ledge UNDER the kitchen table (part of the leaf system)
  • in the linen closet inside a folded towel
  • on the patio in the stroller basket
  • in my daughter's toy cash register
  • in my laptop

It's a miracle my phone stayed on every single time and I was able to call and track it down by listening for it's ring. 

Though I must admit that half the time I call it, it ends up being right in front of me.  Or in my hand.  That's right, one time I lost my phone and didn't realize until I'd dialed my number that I was calling myself ON MY PHONE. 


  1. That's hilarious ... and I SO understand what you mean! That's me with my sunglasses!

  2. And that's why we are friends. We are soul sisters. Haha

  3. I've actually done that:
    Hey, call my phone.
    (Boob starts vibrating. YES, I keep my phone in my bra. What?)
    Oh. Found it.

    Yeah. That doesn't make me feel foolish at all. /sarcasm

  4. The mounting taped iPhone would totally happen to me and the calling myself with my own phone could happen to me. In fact, it might have!

  5. This is hysterical. One day when my daughter was about one-year, I was working from home and she put my work blackberry in the refrigerator. I searched for it all day. That night, when I went to get something from the fridge, she casually pulled it out from a shelf.

  6. hahahaha, you always me me laugh. I have done that but not with a cell phone. With a home phone (those wireless kind). I left inside the vegetable drawer in the FRIDGE. My parents looked for it for hours, they were so pissed at me when my mom opened the vegetable drawer and found the phone! I got into a big trouble!

  7. By the way, I had no clue it was in there either. Did NOT do it on purpose.

  8. I haven't done that with my phone....yet. Now my husband's phone....recently, he was without his cell phone all day because the battery died. he left it home to charge. told me as he was walking out the door to work. later as I am going about my day. I called him about something home-family related and was pretty irate that he didn't pick up/call me back. I preceded to call him 5 TIMES, the last of which I look down while I am leaving a voice mail ans SEE his phone sitting right there on the counter. I let a little "oh" trail off and then hung up really quickly.


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