Tuesday, March 4, 2008


All I can think about are pancakes. Big fluffy chocolate chip pancakes dripping in butter and syrup! Forget all the other cravings I was having, when I reach the 20 pound mark, I'm going to Ye Ole Pancake House.

One month ago today I started Atkins, and one trying month later, I'm down 15 pounds! (Well, the start date can be disputed, due to the whole cupcake thing. But that would put me AHEAD of the one month mark!) So only five more pounds to go before I can eat my pancakes.

I'm pretty darn happy with the results so far. I'm at the point where I think all eggs should turn into the chickens they were meant to be, and anything wrapped in lettuce can go jump in a lake, but if I try hard enough I’m still able to put together a totally satisfying and tasty meal. I found some really awesome low carb breads, and bacon and ranch will always be my BFFs.

Today also begins the four week countdown for our flight to Brazil. If I can lose another ten before then, I'll be ecstatic! I’m still about 500 pound away from wearing a bathing suit, let alone a bikini, so I certainly won’t be fitting in like a local on this trip. Not that I could ever really fit in, with my lily white skin and lack of fashion sense. I just want to be comfortable in those itty bitty airplane seats that we'll be stuck in for 17+ hours!


  1. Actually, I would dare say that the reason you won't be fitting in is because you won't wear a bikini...PERIOD. :) I've seen all sizes down here...and they all wear the same size bikinis!

    Congrats on the weight loss!

  2. Congrats! 15 pounds is a big accomplishment! Now I want pancakes, too.

  3. Ooohh! I love the way you incorporated the use of "BFF"!! I think that's a word we need to bring back to the forefront!

    Chocolate chip pancakes sound heavenly right about you agree it's better when the chocolate chips are actually hand placed into the pancake in the pan rather than dumping a bunch into the batter? That way you get equal chip placement....for a chip in every bite! (I swear I'm not that anal typically....but chocolate chip pancakes oddly bring that out in me.)


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